On Thursday, October 4, 2018, Envitron and New Nexus entered into a Joint Venture. All activities will continue to be carried out under the name Envitron. With the collaboration, Envitron expects to realize its ambition in the digitization and sustainability of the energy market faster.

Envitron CO-Founder and CEO Marro Mijnans on the collaboration: “With the establishment of this joint venture, we are combining all our knowledge in the field of hardware development with the software development from New Nexus. In this way, we can perfectly tune our hardware and software to each other. As a service provider with its own hardware and software department, Envitron is working very hard to connect the energy world of tomorrow with that of today. Envitron is an open invitation to companies that want to play a role in the new energy market and we now have the necessary expertise in-house.”

The collaboration seemed like a logical choice for both parties. Envitron Co-founder and CCO Rein Schuil: “Collecting data is step one, but displaying the data in an understandable, user-friendly way is a whole other ballgame. With this partnership we bring the expertise of both sides together and offer our customers a total package of data collection and analysis tool”.

Thanks to a financial investment, the development of Envitron’s services is accelerating rapidly and the team is growing in expertise and manpower. Several local pilots are currently underway and the commercial launch of the services is planned for this year. For more information on the offering, please email info@envitron.com or call 050 – 785 1000.