A super sustainable office building in Haren!

On 1 June, our new ‘Home in IT’ will be at Nesciopark in Haren. Here we and about 150 colleagues will move into our brand new and super sustainable office building which we are of course very proud of. As Envitron we work here together with our sister companies New Nexus, AC Plus and Spacetime Layers.

Last year, of course, we did a lot of work from home. But now that the measures are easing up again, there is also the possibility of working in the office again. And that in a completely new building, where we have focused entirely on sustainability.

Solar panels, bee hotels and a tap

With 435 m2 of solar panels, a ground source heat pump, triple glazing, smart lighting and climate control, we are going for energy-neutral use of the building. We also want to stimulate biodiversity through a natural watering system, native plants, soundproofing and the installation of insect and bee hotels.

To make it easier to make sustainable choices yourself, we have a parking lot with only electric charging stations, a large bicycle cellar, the bus stop around the corner and a gym in the building. Ok, and a tap in the restaurant, because relaxing together is also important of course….

We hope to have realized an office where we will enjoy ‘working from home’ and where guests will feel welcome as well. The door is always open!