Making the soccer club Nieuw-Buinen more sustainable.

Saturday was finally the day, the official opening of the new sports park Buunerdrome in Nieuw-Buinen. President Siert van der Laan started working out his big plan in 2016 to make the whole sports park sustainable in 2018. Soon, after an energy scan, it became clear that this plan could not simply go ahead. The capacity of the grid proved to be too small, so supplying energy back to the grid was not possible. End of the plan? Certainly not, because Siert started looking at other possibilities.

A large battery as an outcome.

After a long period of research, a battery storage facility turned out to be the ideal solution for the sports park. The energy generated by the 166 solar panels on the roof can be stored here. Thanks to smart control, this energy can be used for the charging posts in the parking lot, the electric boiler and batteries in the technical area.

The ultimate solution thanks to smart control from Envitron!

The complete technical installations are linked and controlled by the Envi.Base. With this, the sports park achieves the highest efficiency and thus benefits from their own energy. In the future, they will also be able to connect more systems to the existing system.

As icing on the cake, everyone at the sports park can enjoy the system. Thanks to a large TV screen, everything that happens in the field of energy can be followed live. Now the soccer club in Nieuw-Buinen can go into the future with a green heart.

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