Telesuper/COOP director Johan Dekker officially opens the energy storage system in Almere

Last Tuesday, Johan Dekker, director of the Telesuper/COOP distribution center, officially opened a new energy storage system from our partner Ampowr. Thanks to the cooperation of various companies, this entire project was made possible. Telesuper/COOP has sustainability high on its agenda and wants to be an example for other companies. That is why a system of storage combined with sustainably generated energy has been chosen.

The system: from solar panels to battery storage

On the roof of the distribution center are 2700 solar panels installed by the company Sunforce, partner of Ampowr. The installation generates enough energy to supply 500 households with electricity. On an average day the company uses about half of the generated energy. The other half is now stored in the energy storage system of Ampowr.

The AmpiFarm. A unique energy storage system from Ampowr

A large battery container called the AmpiFarm has been installed on the Telesuper/COOP site. The AmpiFarm has a storage capacity of 1.3MWh and is large enough to keep the entire cooling system running at night. In this way, optimal use can be made of the self-generated energy and not a single ray of sunlight will be lost. The company is now also no longer dependent on energy supply from the grid and can use the Envitron energy management system to respond intelligently to current energy prices.

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Maximum control thanks to Envitron’s energy management system (EMS)

All energy assets are linked to the EMS of Envitron and are switched at the right time to realize optimal efficiency from the grid connection. This year it will be possible to offer the flexibility of the assets on the energy market to reduce the payback time of the battery faster.

We are proud to contribute to this project together with our partner Ampowr.

Participating parties: