For the new office of New Nexus, along the A28 from Groningen to Assen, a completely new charging square is being developed by Resolutions and Envitron at P+R Haren.

The loading bay will be fitted with carports with solar panels, built by Men of Steel from Leeuwarden, in combination with 32 charging units. The charging units, supplied by Resolutions, are controlled by a central Envi.Base from Envitron.

Thanks to the support of the OCPP protocol on the Envi.Base, the charging units can be connected to the solar panels on the carports (via Modbus protocol) and the main connection, which is supplied by the measuring company Joulz from Delft.

By connecting these energy assets with each other, it is possible to charge faster at times when there is little consumption in the local energy network. Also, adjustments are made automatically when peaks are detected in the grid. The data is collected in real time.

By contributing to this project, we at Envitron want to demonstrate that there is much to be gained from the smart use of energy data. For example, the technology ensures optimal use of locally generated energy and we relieve the energy network where possible.

By looking together with energy and data specialist Edmij at predictions of the generation of solar panels on the carports and the charging sessions at the charging station, we are also discovering innovative applications for trading the available energy intelligently on the energy market or with sustainable partners in the future.

The completion of the project will take place in Q2 of 2021. Are you curious to learn more about this project, or do you see opportunities for collaboration? Please contact us via our contact form.