Envi.Base +Solar

Get the maximum efficiency

The +Solar module is developed for managing of solar panels. In combination with the Envi.Base controller you get the maximum efficiency from your solar panels.

  • Automatized control signals based on market prices
  • Avoid panalties when energy prices are negative
  • Manage from one central point

Direct control via API

Simple installation

Connect multiple locations

Maximum efficiency

Brand independent

The Envi.Base

Upgrade the Envi.Base with different modules

Since 2015 we have been working on the development of the Envi.Base, a universal energy controller. The Envi.Base supports different meters and a wide range of devices.

Upgrade the Envi.Base with different modules for energy and asset management applications.

+Solar module

Manage multiple locations from one central location

Do you manage multiple locations? With the +Solar module you can connect all in one dashboard. This allows you to send control signals simultaneously to multiple locations.

The +Solar module can be used for:

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