Envi.Base +Insight

Collecting data has never been easier

With the +Insight module, you can easily make any energy flow visible. In combination with the Envi.Base controller, you can retrieve all data from your chosen meters in one single dashboard.

  • Clear dashboards
  • View real time energy flows
  • Simple benchmarking
  • Advanced notifications






Universal energy controller

Upgrade the Envi.Base with different modules

Since 2015 we have been working on the development of the Envi.Base, a universal energy controller. The Envi.Base supports different meters and a wide range of devices.

Upgrade the Envi.Base with different modules for energy and asset management applications.

+Insight module

Visualize each energy flow in a dashboard

There are several possibilities to visualize energy flows. You can choose to gain insight through an App, a web portal or a narrowcasting screen. Would you prefer to use your own dashboard? Then you can make use of the API link.

The +Insight module can be used for:

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