The year 2019 is upon us.

We look back on a year full of adventure with new knowledge, lots of (installation) experience and new features. Our highlights:

1. Expanding the Envitron family with as many as 6 new employees and with a focus on AI. We are getting better at predicting energy use

2. Controlling heat pumps via the EFI protocol in collaboration with TNO.

3. Executing great projects for a record number of new customers.

To top it off, in December of 2019 our grant application for an MIT R&D track was awarded, with the goal of peakshaving and balancing the electricity grid at the building level. We’ll be sharing more about this soon.

We are closing in on a decade in which we have become increasingly aware of the consequences of our energy use. Together we are making great strides in the energy transition and will be known as a generation of change.

In the coming decade, together with our customers and partners, we will continue to provide innovative technology that will enable us to effectively achieve sustainability and savings together.

On behalf of all Envitron employees,

We wish you a fantastic year!