+Smart module

+Smart module

The electricity grid is overloaded

Problems on the grid are becoming increasingly common. No energy can be delivered or own generated energy is not aloud to fed back.

In order to keep going on with your sustainable ambitions, you can consider optimizing local energy flows. Create your own smart decentralized energy system, where energy storage often plays an important role.


Energy transition

Optimal balance with the +Smart module

In a local energy system, it is important that supply and demand are balanced. The demand must be charted and the self-generated energy must be properly estimated. For maximum flexibility local battery storage is recommended.

To optimize all these flows, an energy and asset manager is necessary. By using the +Smart module with the Envi.Base energy controller you can manage and optimize all your devices.

Energy and asset management

Communicate with different assets

With the +Smart module, you get access to your own energy and asset manager. With this manager you can create your own Virtual Power Plant.

  • Insight into the behaviour of devices
  • Optimal balance between devices through control signals
  • Minimal load on the grid
  • Create your own Virtual Power Plant
  • Link to external markets, such as EPEX

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