Last year Smurfit Kappa Vandra, market leader in the manufacture of corrugated paper and cardboard, decided to pay more attention to energy saving at its production site in Oosterhout (NB).

Through a reference, the site manager of Smurfit Kappa Vandra ended up with Envitron. “The choice for Envitron was made because no one had approached the problem from the bottom up before,” says Jan.

One of the biggest challenges for Smurfit Kappa Vandra was to gain an insight into the energy flows of machines in the 22,000 m2 production site. Understanding consumption at the main level was not sufficient in this case. Therefore, earlier this year the main energy flows were identified and more than 20 electricity and gas sensors were installed.

Thanks to the energy data, interviews with employees and a technical scan of the installations, a report was drawn up with savings opportunities and payback periods. Jan: “Based on the findings, you discover the quickest way to save. In our case, it will mainly be behavior that needs to change, because the technology is largely in order.”

In 2020, a company-wide campaign will be set up based on the course taken, in which awareness of energy consumption among employees will be central.

Naturally, Envitron will remain involved in the implementation of the campaign. We would like to thank the employees of Smurfit Kappa Vandra for the openness during the discussions and the pleasant cooperation. We look forward to the results!