As from November Envitron’s EMS in combination with the Envi.Base gateway offers a complete solution for energy management and is available in a standard package.

About Envitron’s energy management software

Envitron’s energy management software graphically displays an analysis of real-time measurement data, over a given period. The software is equipped with an alert function (e-mail) when a unit energy consumption is exceeded. Dashboards visually display the analyses and alerts in a web application or in a standalone application on the central company server. The measurement data is obtained via the Envi.Base gateway which reads the main meter and any intermediate meters.

The final choice of energy management software (EMS) is personal. For some, price will play an important role. For others, trust and the ‘click’ with the supplier will be more important. The experts at Envitron will always give you transparent advice. We have good connections with our

You can find more information on this subject on the site of the RVO: