At Envitron, sustainability is one of the main pillars for selecting materials and suppliers. Here, we not only look at the company itself and the materials used in the processing to an end product, but also at the location of the supplier. The packaging of the Envi.Base gateway series has always been composed with sustainability in mind. After a thorough review of our current deliveries, we have chosen to invest in a punching knife to reduce the number of operations during the production process of the box.

Together with our supplier Bonsema verpakkingen from Groningen, we also looked at a more sustainable way to fill the remaining space in the box and a sustainable alternative for the filling material in the form of recycled cardboard, which further reduces our impact on the environment. In addition, we investigated whether an alternative could be found for the plastic tape used to seal the boxes. We found this in tape made from recycled cardboard with the word ‘Envitron’ printed on it lightly. Whenever possible, our packages are delivered by electric transport.

In this way we want to make our customers happy with a responsible delivery of our technology, and at the same time we are working on reducing our CO2 footprint.

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