The aim of the project is to gain insight into where all the energy flows go in order to get a good idea of the exact energy management on the site. This insight is needed to keep a finger on the pulse in light of the intended developments in the near future. With this project, the manager of the site as well as the energy supplier underline the power and value of (big) data. Moreover, for large-scale consumers, detail monitoring is a mandatory and recognized measure according to the RVO for saving energy.

With Envitron’s detail monitoring service, insight is given into the detailed energy data behind the smart meter. By placing sensors at strategically chosen locations on the premises, unique data streams are combined in a convenient software platform in order to identify new energy saving opportunities and to monitor the consumption in real time for a longer period.

With the start of this project, Envitron, together with the site manager and the energy supplier, aims for a successful and long-term cooperation in the future.