Whether much has changed for Envitron because of Corona? Yes, definitely. The virus and the forced unwind of the global economy bring new challenges to any business. Fortunately, the Corona outbreak brings not only challenges but also unique opportunities. The situation provides a new perspective of the market we are in and that is going to help us. We see the crisis not only as a challenge but also as a powerful engine for change. We are going to use that.

We notice that a number of clients are waiting to accept bids. Another side effect is that the landlord of our office told us that our office had to close. We as a team Envitron (15 people) have been working completely digitally for weeks now and that takes some getting used to. Installations sometimes have to wait, the security of supply of parts is not always clear and because a lot of money was lost in the stock market some companies will have a smaller innovation budget. Fortunately, we work a lot with technology companies that are not very cyclical.

It quickly became clear that working from home has a positive impact on our productivity. We have been working with Jira for years and most of our internal communication is done through various channels on Slack. We see, without exception, that all the people on our team are motivated to work through and are responsible with their work. This makes us proud of each other and that gives a good feeling during your own work. Of course it takes some getting used to working completely at home and not seeing each other during the day. We therefore organize digital get-togethers and we speak to each other often. We have seen that working from home can also provide peace of mind and focus, because you have it all under your own control.

Our company is on the front line of a new market. The development of this new market continues unabated. The transition to sustainable energy is gaining broader support precisely because of this pause. Emissions in the most polluted cities are at a standstill and suddenly people can see for miles around again. The yield of solar panels is breaking records and the news is full of new discoveries and developments in the renewable energy sector.

The renewed focus on the health of our living environment will put more pressure on the fossil energy sector and other harmful systems. We will see after the global economy starts up that emissions will go back to what they were, but people will remember how clean it was during the break. This is the momentum we need to win for us with Envitron.

Not every startup is sailing in a fleet that can sail through this storm. There will be many companies that will be in dire straits. So we have a unique opportunity to gain momentum where others are stuck. We have a professional crew and we are fine-tuning our course. It is not our first storm and it will not be our last.