Envitron from Groningen and Durocan from Eindhoven are going to collaborate on innovation in the world of heat pumps. The start of the collaboration is a concept in which a heat pump regulates itself on the basis of a new Envitron controller. This shortens the installation time and, according to initial calculations, yields an efficiency gain of up to 10% on power consumption. The new controller with the innovative control system will be tested in the coming weeks to demonstrate whether the calculations are correct.

The project had been in the works for some time. Both companies believe it is important to make the best possible use of sustainable energy, so it was logical for them to consider the energy optimization of a heat pump. The challenge: no loss of comfort but less power consumption and a shorter installation time.

Durocan supplies an air/water heat pump system with CO2 as the refrigerant. The machine has been extensively tested in early 2020 in practical situations within the HEAT House at EnTranCe in Groningen. Engineer Ted Wildenberg told us then in his blog that this was an exceptionally quiet high-temperature heat pump. What was still missing was a more advanced control system that would automatically adjust the pump on delta T on the water side.

Ted paired Durocan with Envitron, a company with an origin history at EnTranCe. Envitron immediately understood what was required and accepted the challenge. The required control could be built on existing Envitron technology with relatively minor modifications.

“Working together on innovation that allows you to make better use of renewable energy makes sense, especially in the world of heat. The development of Autotune fits perfectly into our strategy and so we are co-investing to make this project a success”, according to Marro Mijnans – Envitron.

One of the aspects of water control is the circulation speed of the heating system. It is important to be able to regulate this speed very precisely. The company Wilo was willing to think along with us. After an initial exploratory telephone call with Wilo, they proactively sent a prototype circulation pump to include in the test set-up.

“It’s really great that we are perfectly connected to leading companies like Wilo with our Autotune innovation. Technology connects us!”, according to Rik van Bavel – Durocan.

Several interested parties have come forward and are willing to participate in the development. With a number of precursors a pilot will be started in which the Durocan system will be provided with Autotune, so that it can be measured how much shorter the installation times can be and how much gain in efficiency can be realized in practice.

With the development of Autotune, Durocan and Envitron want to respond to the increase in sustainability at, for example, housing corporations.

“We actively think along and try in this way to contribute to a better business case for sustainability,” said Durocan and Envitron.