Analyses & reports

Including hardware

RVO regulation

ROI <5 years

+Insight module

Stop wasting energy

The +Insight module gives you a more detailed overview of your energy consumption. This data makes it possible to anticipate the supply and demand of your energy. New data-driven models allow you to accomplish your sustainable ambitions.

More about the Envi.Base +Insight

Annual reporting

Clear reports, analyses and actions

To get a detailed overview, we place the necessary intermediate meters and an Envi.Base behind the main meter.

With the +Insight module, you can measure all your energy flows and providing clear reports. This gives you the ability to analyse and take the necessery actions to improve sustainability.

Prevent penalties

Is an energy registration and monitoring system required for your branche?

The system is legally required for a number of branches. As of the summer of 2022, this will be more strictly enforced in many municipalities. The regulation applies to the following branches:

  • Healthcare and welfare institutions
  • Offices
  • Educational institutions
  • Sports and recreation
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Retail

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