Envi.Base +Smart

One dashboard, multiple assets

With the +Smart module in combination with the Envi.Base energy controller you can connect multiple assets. You get access to your own dashboard to manage and optimize all your energy.

  • Analyze all your connected devices
  • Manage your energy assets
  • Identify inefficiencies through analysis
  • Improve performance and reliability of devices




Heat pumps

Wind turbine

Solar panels

Unique energy controller

Upgrade the Envi.Base with different modules

Since 2015 we have been working on the development of the Envi.Base, a universal energy controller. The Envi.Base supports different meters and a wide range of devices.

Upgrade the Envi.Base with different modules for energy and asset management applications.

+Smart module

Manage your own control signals

With the +Smart module you can start optimizing your energy system. Using different kind of signals you can control various energy assets. Connecting to the EPEX market is also possible.

The +Smart module can be used for:

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