The Envi.Base

Optimize any energy system

The Envi.Base is a custom energy controller where all data from energy flows is recorded. You can use this data to make effective decisions to optimize and control any system.

The Envi.Base is used for:

  • Measuring energy flows
  • Controlling devices
  • Switching assets
  • Optimizing systems

Connections and protocols

The Envi.Base is designed to communicate with different assets. Several ports are available for this purpose.

Side view 1

M-Bus | P1 MOD1 | USB | LAN

Side view 2

12-24Vdc | MOD2 | CAN Bus | Pulse 1 | Pulse 2

The best controller for the energy market

The energy market is flexible. By upgrading your Envi.Base with new modules you will be able to manage your assets on demand. You could simply install a new module, allowing you to get even more out of your energy.

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