+Insight module

Energy Management

With the +Insight module, you can easily make any energy flow visible. In combination with the Envi.Base controller, you can retrieve all data from your chosen meters in one single dashboard.

  • Notifications
  • Analyses
  • Benchmarking
  • Over-the-air
  • Reports
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+Smart module

Asset Management

The +Smart module allows you to communicate with all devices that are connected. You can also link them to external data sources. For example, you can have your solar panels react to energy market prices, or charge a battery when the sun shines.

  • Communicates with all connected devices
  • Combines with weather forecasts and EPEX market
  • Identifies inefficiencies based on AI algorithms
  • Improves energy performance and lifetime of devices
  • Automatically calculates the business case of a storage system
More about the +Smart module




Heat pumps

Wind turbine

Solar panels

Built for growth

Combine both modules for extra possibilities

To get started, you need an Envi.Base controller in combination with one module. You can also choose to combine both modules, enabling insight in all energy flows and providing communication with different assets.

Do you own several locations? Then it is also possible to link them.

The best module for you?

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